The Major General, a soldier who has no idea of ​​oil, is now the president of PDVSA. Appointed by Nicolas Maduro. In the confused world of the dictator Nicolas Maduro, the experience in a specific area is not necessary. That’s why we have education ministers who are not educators, or ministers who do not know what the word finances means. The fact is that Mr. Quevedo is a military man, and that is why the president gave him the job. Mr. Quevedo will also be in charge of the Ministry of Petroleum. As a gift from Maduro to satisfy the military. The Venezuelan military has long enjoyed a welcoming relationship with the government, since one of its own, Hugo Chávez, came to power in the late 1990s. Today, the top brass control many ministries and key areas of the country. economy. But as the economy of Venezuela has collapsed, the protesters took to the streets and the international community has become harsh with the regime, Maduro needs to keep the military more standing than ever. The appointment of Mr. Quevedo is designed to keep them sweet. Why? Because Mr. Ramírez has dared to criticize Mr. Maduro in public and, more importantly, because he has his own presidential ambitions. His dismissal seems a clear bet of Mr. Maduro to neutralize such threats. The president has also removed Ramírez supporters from key posts in PDVSA and the central bank. All this is the basis for the presidential elections next year, which Maduro will dispute and which, with the military on board and the opposition in disarray, could well win. The scenario seems to be ready for several more years of the Bolivarian government. None of this, however, will help solve Venezuela’s real problems. These include hyperinflation, a shrinking economy, diminishing foreign reserves that forced the government to restructure its debt, reduce oil production, corruption, hospitals in ruins, food shortages, state repression and a growing humanitarian crisis. Apparently, the solution of such problems will have to wait for a later date or, judging by Maduro’s record, maybe not even then.